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Our Services 

Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapists help children participate in activities that are fun and meaningful in their lives. Occupational therapists provide therapeutic interventions that assist children to engage in their “occupations”. These occupations can be defined as their roles as players, siblings, or friends. Our goal is to expand children’s curiosity and imagination for a life as learners. 

Our occupational therapists utilize their unique skill set to assess the child’s needs through standardized evaluations, clinical observations and task analysis.  Treatment sessions are provided using fun, engaging, innovated therapeutic play experiences; while continuously assessing the child’s development through the eyes of a seasoned clinician. 

Blossom L.A.’s occupational therapists assess the following developmental domains:

  • Fine motor skills

  • Feeding skills 

  • Oral motor skills 

  • Self-help skills

  • Cognitive skills

  • Sensory integration

  • Adaptive skills

  • Play Development

Speech Therapy

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Verbal and non-verbal communication is vital to the development of a child. Our highly skilled therapists are committed to helping your child become confident in these skills.  

Speech Language Pathologist who may also be referred to as Speech therapist assess, diagnose, treat speech, language and social communication in children and help develop these skills by engaging in various playful activities.  

Blossom L.A.’s speech therapists assess the following areas:

  • Expressive communication

  • Receptive communication

  • Pre-linguistic play skills

  • Articulation/phonology

  • Voice and fluency

  • Pragmatic language

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Child Development

At Blossom L.A. Pediatric Therapy,

we offer infants, toddlers and their family’s early intervention services to meet the child’s individual goals. 

We believe in empowering families with knowledge that they can incorporate during their daily routines with their child.  Parents play a vital role in motivating their child to engage in their daily activities to support their development.

Our Child Development Specialists  (CDS ) collaborate with parents by guiding, coaching and supporting parents through hands on activities that are child/parent and Child Development Specialist led.

Activities are creatively crafted to address all areas of development and nurture a child’s growth to meet their developmental milestones. 


Themes that support a child’s developmental milestones will include:

  • Movement

  • Music and Dancing

  • Art

  • Symbolic Play 

  • Develop Independence

  • Building Routines

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